I’m inspired daily by the unwitting passion and drive of our military service men and women, and of the teamwork and energetic commitment reflected by youth when they participate in sports.But these two activities are only a portion of how I get involved and what drives me. Take a look!

Caliber Technologies is a socially responsible company and has been a nationwide provider of office technologies for 22 years. As a certified B-Corporation, Caliber Technologies donates a portion of all sales to Operation Once in a Lifetime, a non-profit organization that assists the families of our nations’ servicemen and women.
Veteran’s Ink is a US Military Veteran owned company that enables businesses to save money while supporting U.S. troops and their families. It pledges one percent of its revenue to Operation Once in a Lifetime, a charity that provides support to the families of the US Armed forces who have dedicated and are risking their lives to protect our freedom.
Teaching children 7- 18 yrs honor, respect and discipline for themselves and others through the sport of wrestling.


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